"Self Help Me" has it's first reading on July 17th with Piper Productions!

Piper Theater Production’s is doing a reading of my new play about "self Help” on July 17th at the old Stone House(336 3rd St, Brooklyn, NY 11215.) Come check it out!

PIP Workshop Production of Catherine Weingarten’s
“Self Help Me.”
Featuring Zoë Cheswick *and Kelly Blaze Kotz *
Peformance: Wed. July 17, 2019 at 8pm
Directed by John P. McEneny
* courtesy of Actor's Equity

Blurb about the play:

Jessa is a life coach. Jessa has sexy instagram pics of her pouting along with inspirational quotes that maybe almost make sense if you think about them hard enough. Cathy is a hot mess. Cathy can’t even order a sandwich without slightly crying.

When Cathy starts using Jessa’s services, they form an unexpected friendship that could maybe even save one of them…or both!