Interview with Kara Lee Corthron for her Blog, “Interviews with Writers about things Other Than Writing”


Playwright (to Playwright):

Episode Blurb: Playwright Alex Kveton talks to Catherine about writing romance today, being trashy, body issues, and the phenomenon of discovering repressed feelings in writing. Catherine reads from her play This is How You Got Me Naked

Don’t Talk To Strangers with Tyler Whidden:

Episode Blurb: For the Season Two premier of #DT2S, I snuck into a bathroom in Michigan (sans microphone) to speak with my good friend and playwright Catherine Weingarten. Cat's new play, A Roller Rink Temptation, closes this weekend at the WOW Cafe with The Dare Tactic Theatre Company in NYC. Schmancy. Cat and I talk about her process of writing her plays, growing up in a "Jew-friendly" part of Philadelphia, her campaign to get Facebook to drop the "fat" emotion, and adapting Boccaccio's The Decameron.

The Trumpet

Episode Blurb: This month I speak with NY playwright Catherine Weingarten about her dark comedy Karate Hottie. We discuss the challenges of humanizing an unlikable character and finding footing in a world of absurdity, and I also help Catherine face her frustrations in not obtaining the coveted Unicorn Frappuccino.

Articles about Theater

“Creating Complex Female Characters” - Howlround Theater Commons