Elephant Room Productions is doing a reading of "Karate Hottie"!

The Elephant Ears Reading Series is an initiative at Elephant Room Productions to provide a process-oriented program for playwrights. One of the hardest parts of being a playwright is often the lack of availability for readings and collaboration early on in the writing process.  With Elephant Ears, we aim to get shows read out loud in a private setting early so that playwrights can use their time more efficiently while crafting their new work.

Karate Hottie

by Catherine Weingarten

New York City – April 2018


Dart and John are in a hotel room sitting next to each other; contemplating acts that might have happened the night before and talking about the tournament…which is today, the Karate Hottie Tournament for young female karate students that show promise. Too bad Dart’s not very prepared…. When 16 year old, Dart fell in love with her sexy, manly engaged 37 year old karate instructor she didn’t know she would engage in something that promises to be way more complicated and way more wrong and way more HOT than she ever thought it could be. This play tracks the story of a young outsider chick who will do whatever it takes to get her man, eat as much Chinese food as possible and play by her own rules.

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