Check out the first public reading of "Gurl, Hang Up the Phone!"

The first public reading of my new horror comedy, Gurl, Hang Up the Phone! will be at 6pm on Monday, October 29th. The reading is supported by Leah Lane and Claire Autran as well as Candy 4 Breakfast Theater Collective.

About the play:

Danica’s parents have gone missing so she invites her friends to their cabin for the weekend! They all think it’s gunna be fun but for some reason some dude keeps calling them, there are all these vids with chicks falling into wells and they potentially could be getting stalked… But at least the guy on the phone seems so nice and they actually get into some deep topics like global warming and the point of wet t-shirt contests!

Development: Wide Eyed production’s Wink Series

The reading is directed by Ben Stockman and the cast(subject to change) consists of: Leah Lane, Claire Autran, Hui-Shan Yong, Ira Gammerman, Chris Saphire and Vin Kridakorn

Details on Going to the Reading

Monday, October 29th at 6pm at Fuji Rental

The reading is free to attend, but an RSVP is needed. If interested in attending, RSVP to me or